Products categories

A wide portfolio of products, from a simple customized sensor to more complex and highly intelligent systems for precise batching, can be found among the products made by COMAC CAL s.r.o.

We develop and manufacture measuring and sensor technology by means of which we help our clients reach more economical and effective production.


In terms of solving specific customer problems, our products are put into individual product lines according to the solutions they offer. These are systems that include heat meters, flow switches, pressure sensors, level sensors, thermometers and compound sensors. These products can be customized according to client’s requirements to obtain maximum functionality of the entire system.

The products are provided with expert assistance in design and installation of the technology, and last but not least, in continuous testing the states of the meter and sensor. Our Metrological and Calibration Centre serves these purposes as well. Thanks to it, we are able to help our customers solve multiple problems, including consultations and testing the correctness of measurement.

We dispose of our own Development Centre which is capable of offering customized solutions fully meeting customer requirements namely in the most diverse industries.

Products made by Comac CAL s.r.o.

Flow meters

Inductive flow meter FLOW 38 from company Comac CAL s.r.o

Flow switches

Flow Switch 10/11/15/20 od společnosti Comac Cal s.r.o.

Batch meters

Dosing flow meter Macnaught from Comac Cal s.r.o

Heat meters

Heat meter Callor 40 from Comac CAL s.r.o